Plant List


Laser Profiling

  • Trumpf 5030 Fiber Laser with Automated Material Handling System
    • Sheet size: 3m x 1.5m
    • Material Thickness:
      • Mild Steel 15mm
      • Stainless Steel 12mm
      • Aluminum 12mm
      • Copper 6mm
      • Brass 6mm


CNC Forming

  • Amada HFE, 235 Tonnes, Maximum Length 4m
  • Amada HFT, 175 Tonnes, Maximum Length 4m
  • Amada HFT, 80 Tonnes, Maximum Length 2.5m
  • Amada HFT, 50 Tonnes, Maximum Length 2m
  • Amada FBD, 25 Tonnes, Maximum Length 1.25m


Segregated Stainless Steel Facility

To prevent problems of cross-contamination with ferrous materials.



  • 3 sets of rolls up to 3m long x 6mm Mild Steel


CNC Shearing

  • Darley, Maximum Thickness 6mm, Maximum Length 4m


Deburring / Polishing

  • Lissmac Deburring Centre
    • Maximum component size 4m x 1.2m
  • Costa Graining Machine for Stainless Steel dull polishing
    • Max blank width 1100mm


Cleaning Line (For Stainless Steel)

  • Comprising Shot Blast
  • Vapour Degrease
  • Ultrasonic Clean
  • Packing and Storage in Clean Area



  • 15 welding bays fully equipped with latest calibrated TIG and MIG plants
  • Spot and stud welding
  • Welders qualified to national standards.



  • Inspection room with large inspection table 4m x 2m
  • Fully calibrated equipment including new Faro arm for computerised inspection of large and small fabrications.



  • 2 gantry cranes covering most of the workshop area
  • Maximum capacity 3 tonnes
  • 2 fork lift trucks
  • 2 delivery vehicles.